lostboy is a brand new full service creative music supervision house which places an understanding of brand-identity at the heart of any composition process.

Founded by You Are Here Executive Producer, Luca Antoniazzi - Our composition process is informed by over 10 years experience working closely with advertising creatives in creative search roles. Over this time we have learned the language with which brands communicate and find ourselves uniquely placed to translate that language into the creation of arresting sonic worlds.

Having our Executive Producer as our Lead Composer gives us the unique ability to work directly into our clients, cutting out the second hand whispers of the chain of command.

Put simply; you speak directly to us, we make what you want. We are the creative music supervision house you wish you knew about…

what we offer

Original Composition

We operate on a composition-first mindset, if you want to give your brand full ownership of the track we will work to a simple brief and deliver precisely what you want, down to a needle-point of exactitude.

Music Supervision

Musicology, creative music search, legals, quotes, licensing and step by step guidance throughout the process.

Sound Design & Mixing

We have in-house BAFTA nominated music editing capabilities as well as flawless mixing and sound design from multi award-winning engineers.

Voice Over

We believe the key to creating realistic, beautiful demos, is an ability to make them seem absolutely convincing. With access to a huge pool of voice acting talent we are able to paint a more realistic vision at demo stage.